Beauty Tips: 4-Step Cleansing Routine

I use make-up regularly. I love it and I always have fun doing it. For some people it’s a waste of time but for me it’s a little “me” time ritual that wakes me up in the morning. However…removing make-up is not as fun as applying it. If you think one cleanser is enough to take it all off your face, think again. Throughout the years I’ve tried various make-up cleansing products, all with the promise of removing makeup in one easy step. Heck no. I couldn’t even get it off after two cleansing process! So after years of experimenting, I came up with this 4-Step Cleansing regime that is effective in removing all traces of makeup.

Wait. Hold on. Whaaa?! Did I just say four? Yes indeed! I know it sounds too much but so far this method works the best for my skin. I have oily-combination skin and I occasionally get breakouts. After I started implementing this into my skincare regime, I noticed improvements in my skin and I don’t get breakouts as often (only during periods).

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2016 In Retrospect

So this is a tad late but Happy 2017 frandsss!! Brand new year, new look, and new spirit! Resolutions, goals, plans…some of us may have everything written down. Whilst I’m a fan of having everything planned ahead of time, I also like the idea of letting things take their course and be on their own flows. 2016 had its ups and downs but I’m grateful regardless. I survived 2016 and that’s all what matters! (lol)

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Friday Chill Time, Vol. 2016/05



I just got back from a tranquil weekend in Bali and I’m still on a lazy relax mode (which explains this week’s lack of updates). I will post more details on my trip very berry soon (you don’t want to miss it!).

Let’s dive into this week’s selected awesome links and faves, shall we?!

A few faves from this week…

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Friday Chill Time, Vol. 2016/03


It’s Friday again you guys! And we’re getting so close to the end of 2016. Time passes like woah! Have you started making New Year resolutions yet? As for me (being a fanatical planner that I am), I have begun making plans for next year including one for this blog! I don’t want to give away too much details yet but I can assure you that there’s plenty of exciting stuff in store and I can’t wait to share it with you!

There wasn’t too much going on this week except that I was having a rather quiet birthday (that’s what I wanted). Other than that, things went by pretty normal as per usual. Howeverrr, I got some fabulous links for you guys!

So without further ado, here they are…

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Product Review: Kikki.K 2017 Weekly Diary

If you read my Singapore Shopping Trip post, then you know I have an immense obsession with my new planner. I’ve been a professional diary writer since I was 8 and I have some childhood and teenage diaries to prove that. As I get older though, I write diary less and less and instead, I found my new found fondness on planners (organizers, filofax, whatever you call it). Simply put, I have my life recorded in my planners.
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Friday Entertainment: Must Reads, Movies and More!


It’s time for some weekend treats!

Last week I wrote my first Friday Reads post, click here to see what it’s all about. I realized not everyone is as much of a bookworm as me so from now on I’ll do Friday Entertainment series instead! I will keep on posting books and readings recommendations but I’ll also include some other fun stuff for ya 🙂

So go get your favorite drink and check out these fellas…


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Where Have I Been?

Woah. It’s been way too long! I feel terrible for breaking my own promise to not neglect this blog. Though no amount of excuses can make up for my action, I have some explanations to make.

I should just start by saying that in this year, life got me into a reflective mode a lot. I’m an introverted so it seems like being in this mode is a natural fit for me. Those around me know that I love spending countless uninterrupted hours alone at my bedroom.

This year is different though.

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