Live the Little Things: Ladies Day Out with My High School BFF

We were two teenagers who met at high school. Together we pushed through the highs and lows of high school life, went separate ways for over a decade, and somehow the universe decided to reunite us again in the town where we first shook our hands and asked each other’s name. My bestie, Vee, just came back from the United States for good. It’s been a month since she landed here and we’ve been hanging out almost every week. We live close to each other now – what a sweet coincidence.
Last week we went out to check out a spa place in Jakarta. Vee was dying to get a body scrub treatment done, which coincided with my month-long desire to get a full body massage (another sweet coincidence?). So both of us went, leaving our hubbies behind. Jokes! Our hubbies were busy that day. What was planned to be a spa date turned into a whole day of cafe-hopping, finished by a little shopping treat. It’s only proper if I call it Ladies Day, isn’t it?

Our “date” started at a coffee shop named Crematology in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This place has been around for years and earned its popularity status among Jakarta residents. We had one hour to spare before our spa appointment so we grabbed a quick brunch there.
Crematology is a typical cozy coffee shop that you always want to go to during exam season (cramming session, anyone?). I can imagine students or freelancers going there to get their work done while sipping its great quality coffee. I have yet tried their coffee and their other specialty drinks. Instead I ordered their Aglio Olio because that day I came with a hungry tummy. For those of you who wonder, yes they serve few selections of full meals too. Vee ordered a Cappucino.

Our visit to Crematology was short and sweet but I can’t decide if I liked the place as I didn’t have the time to explore around. I would rate it a B based on the food quality and the helpful staff. Will have to come again to make a better review on it.

Jalan Suryo No. 25, Rawa Barat
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12180

Next stop is ZEN Family Spa & Reflexology, located a few blocks from Crematology. The highlight of our trip. I wanted to take pictures of the place so bad but the lighting didn’t allow me to. The only well-lit room was the main entrance. As we walked into our massage room, it was low light all the way.

Both Vee and I picked Boreh Bali treatment. We thought it was a body scrub treatment but it wasn’t. We still loved it though. It was a total of 1.5 hours. The first part was Balinese massage which lasted for an hour, and the rest was the Boreh treatment. Boreh is a traditional Balinese treatment to aid people who have stiff muscles or generally overworked body. They use a homemade paste made out of Indonesian raw spices like ginger and other kinds of herbs (sadly they didn’t give us details when I asked). When my masseuse lathered it on my skin it felt like a scrub at first but soon after my body felt so warm. It got increasingly warmer the longer they were left on the skin. I had to wait for at least 10 minutes before my masseuse removed the Boreh from my body. My body stayed warm even after I took a cool shower and left the place! This goes without saying that Boreh Bali is a good treatment. I would suggest getting this treatment if you have a cold as the heat from the spice paste will help warm up your body.

Zen Family Spa & Reflexology
Jalan Gunawarman No. 43, Rawa Barat
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12180

After we’re done with our spa treatment we stopped by at a cafe called Ladies Who Bake. This cute and tiny cafe is famous for its crumble cake especially its Cherry Crumble. I was never a big fan of cherry cake, not until I tried their cherry crumble! One of the best crumble cakes I’ve ever tried in Jakarta. They have delivery service to Jakarta residents, however it is recommended to pre-order their cakes few days in advance as they are often sold out!

Ladies Who Bake Jakarta
Jalan Cikajang No. 56
Jakarta Selatan 
Right after the quick dessert stop we went straight to Plaza Senayan (PS), one of Jakarta’s well-known upscale shopping centres. If you’re a newcomer in Jakarta and tired of going to crowded malls, this is the place to go. They have variety of restaurants with foods ranging from Indonesian to Western cuisines. If you’re looking for luxury brands, be it handbags, shoes, or cosmetics, PS has them. I personally love this mall because it’s not overpacked with sea of people, unlike other malls. Also they have my favorite bookstore, Kinokuniya, as well as Sephora (where I spend majority of my time lol).
Vee and I went to check out some skin care and cosmetics counters. I got my hands on MAC Lip Prep and Prime and I was happy with this purchase. This product doesn’t come very often in Jakarta’s MAC stores so when the sales lady told me it just came in, I immediately grabbed it.

We didn’t realize it was already dusk so after having dinner at Plaza Senayan we went back home. Lucky the traffic wasn’t too bad.

Plaza Senayan
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8
Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 12070

As you may have noticed, Vee and I didn’t do something extraordinary or even worth writing for. But the day was a special one to us. After being apart for over a decade, we got a lot of things to catch up. The last time I hung out with her was in 2005 when we just graduated from high school! We went to a church retreat together for a few days and spent a lot of time…talking XD I remember we didn’t want to join any activities there so we often stayed in our room gossiping and munching snacks lol. We went separate ways soon after; I went to Canada and she went to Australia (prior to USA). Who would have thought we both would end up living so close now?! And we both married our highschool sweethearts! Our little reunion is nothing but a sweet reminder to me that I should always cherish all the small things in life. The ones that are often overlooked and regarded as not-so-important when indeed, they are the things that I have to cherish the most.
What are your favorite moments? Share with me because I would love to know!

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