July – September in Retrospect

Hey there! So it’s been three whole months since I last updated this blog. Whoops! Three months flew by so quick but A LOT has happened during this period. I didn’t mean to be absent for such a long time but oh well, life happens. I’m still trying to keep everything balanced but sometimes it’s hard to juggle life and passion, ie. blogging.

I went to solitary mode a lot these past three months, no kidding. Basically I took absent from life and didn’t care much about doing anything except self-healing (say whaat?!). Before I jump any further I just want to say that I am fine. I am not going through depression or anxiety (I would be honest about it if I was). That being said, I am also not entirely well. I’ve been facing some internal conflicts and health issues and whenever I go through some heavy stuff, my body will alarm me to take a break. I am glad I followed my heart.


I believe life knocks you hard for a reason. You learn life’s greatest lessons through hardships. I don’t mean to sound too preach-y but in the past three months, I’ve endured things that challenged my whole being; physical, mental, and spiritual.  Simply said, I’ve gained some lessons from what I call as the three-month tribulation. I hope by the end of this post you can take one or two for yourself and in a way can help you go through your own tribulation.

It’s not all about the outward. Your body, your physical appearance, your skin, your shape…they are a part of you but they’re not your true essence. You carry more within you. Your grace, your charisma, your kindness, your personality, etc…To me what’s unseen speaks more about a person. And just like your physique, your soul needs some work too. I call it the internal work. Whenever you feel exhausted from life, call it a day and meditate. Do anything that feeds your soul. As for me, I pray and write journal a lot. It’s my way of clearing my mind to regain my center.

Do a healthy and balanced diet that is suitable for your body. This was a total challenge for me. I’ve always wanted to be a vegetarian and was even planning to be a vegan. I did and to my surprise, my body couldn’t handle it at all. I got Iron Deficiency Anemia and some other illnesses that forced me to consume meat and animal by-products. I’m not saying that vegan diet is the main cause of anemia but in my case, I am not suitable for the diet. I’ve consulted with doctors and for the sake of recovery, I need to increase my animal protein intake. If your body responds well with vegetarian/vegan diet, good for you! We are all different and there’s no such thing as one shoe fits all in diet. Eat what’s healthy for you.

Forgive the past and move on. I disagree with the saying forgive and forget. There are things that are not meant to be forgotten and in many cases, it’s not so easy to forget the past. Whether it’s your own mistakes or others’, try to move past your bad experiences. Forgive it even if the memory still haunts you. Forgive that person who mistreated you. Most importantly, forgive yourself for whatever it is that you’ve done. Your past does not define you nor serves you well at the present time. Live in the now.

Kindness and understanding go a long way. It’s easy to point out other people’s mistakes and verdict them for being at faults. But the more understanding you are, the more you’re able to fit into their shoes and see things from their perspectives. It’s also easier to forgive people when you allow yourself to be understanding. But being understanding does not mean enabling yourself to be taken for granted. Certainly no. Always place your utmost respect to yourself FIRST.

Appreciate nature and be thankful. Sometimes we get so caught up with life we forget to stop and thank the universe for giving us life. If you take a look around and see things closer, nature gives everything we need. No matter what you go through, always take a moment to thank the universe. Be in nature as much as possible. If you live in the city, go take a walk in a park. You’ll see how therapeutic nature can be for your well-being. Here in Jakarta, it’s hard to find a great park to walk or jog in. Not to mention it’s not very safe for women to walk around freely. Upon seeing me became an antisocial, my husband encouraged me to take up diving lesson with our friends. So I did and I loved it. Being underwater is like being in a magical world. You’ll be mesmerized by what you discover there. It’s also very zen – feels like you’re in meditative state.

Changes may not be comfortable but it’s good. I went through changes in the past three months. Going through it took up my whole being, physically, mentally and even spiritually. I resisted at first but we all know that reality will always win. It’s like being pushed into the unknown and I was not sure if it was good for me. But I believe that when the universe decides to throw us into major life changes, we have to go with the flow. We’re at the right time and the right situation. All we need is acceptance. I’m not lying, it sucks most of the time. But who knows, all these changes might prepare me for something great in the future.

As you can see I have word-vomited in this post. Bah. This is what happen when you let your heart tells you to do impromptu writing without the need for editing. Whoever reading this, I hope this post comes to you at the right moment and gives you the help you need even if it’s only a tiny bit.

Take care and see you my next post!

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  • Fauziah Hafidha

    I hope you’re doing well today♥ I love this post..it’s so beautiful and honest. Keep up the good work!

    • Nindy H

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! <3 <3