My Iron Deficiency Anemia Story

Hey peeps! I hope you’re all doing great! Things are well on my end – I’m currently enjoying a cup of hot coffee and some Jazz music. Can’t complain about life right now 😀

I don’t know if you notice but I haven’t posted any workout or health-related posts in a while. I took some “time off” from writing health posts because I’ve been sick since last August. I wrote about it briefly in this post. Don’t worry, I am now healthy and am back in my normal crazy self! XD

I’ll take you back to May 2016 when it all happened. I had a general medical check-up and did a blood test. When the result came out the nurse told me that I need to pay attention to my iron level. Other than that, there’s nothing to worry about. Somehow that gentle reminder slipped my mind as I was too focused on my wedding preparation. To make things worse, I worked out like a maniac and made a serious mistake of not watching my nutrition intake. It was some time around June when my then fiance reminded me of how skinny I became. Fyi, I was already underweight and by this time I kept losing pounds to the point where my man got worried. He even forbid me from working out unless I had proper meals. I kept insisting and continued working out like nobody’s business.

Fast forward to mid-August, I had just finished my breakfast and I went to take a shower. I didn’t feel sick at all but all of a sudden I had ringing in my ears and my vision became so blurry, almost pitch black. My heart was beating faster than usual and I was losing my balance so I called out my man. Thank goodness he was nearby and I didn’t lock the bathroom so he could barge in right away. I remember seeing him opening the door but I was out right after. I didn’t remember what happened after that. According to him I was unconscious for two whole minutes and it wasn’t a pleasant scene. My face turned snow white pale (no joke), my eyes were rolling upwards, my body was dead cold, and I almost stopped breathing. What’s so wonderful about my man was, he knew what to do. He turned my body sideways to prevent my tongue from getting pulled in. Right after he did that, I could breathe normal again and I regained my consciousness. I was hospitalized for two days.

After I checked out of the hospital I thought my health went back to normal. It was the total opposite. I kept getting sick; I would feel lightheaded, fatigue, and my body always felt like I was on the verge of passing out. Doctor said I had peripheral vertigo so he prescribed me with vertigo pills. I swear those pills were sent from hell because I felt like my body was floating all the time. I stopped consuming those pills and never came to that doctor again. Obviously he misdiagnosed my illness. Fml right? Sighs…

At this point I became so frustrated. One day I was browsing online and came across a blog about Iron Deficiency Anemia. The symptoms listed on that blog matched all the things that I was experiencing for months. I immediately searched my blood test result and checked every single word there is. That was when I found out that my ferritin (iron) was at the alarming level of 3 (normal range would be 11 and above). What. The. Heck. ALMOST ZERO. Had I paid more attention the first time I received the blood test result, I would have taken my health more seriously.

Oh well, lesson learned.

I went to a doctor and showed him my blood test result. As expected, he told me I had chronic Iron Deficiency Anemia. Hearing the word chronic gave me a feeling of disappointment. For the most part I was mad at myself for not paying serious attention to my health. But the good news was I only needed to take iron supplements and eat tons of iron-rich foods. No other medical treatments necessary. For that I was more than thankful. I decided to work on being healthy instead of complaining.

Things got better afterwards but it ain’t an easy process. I had to change my meal and workout plans. Because I was underweight, I had to eat more than I usually did in the past. As for workout, I could only go to the gym three times per week and I had to slow down on cardio exercises (I will spill more details about my meal and fitness journey in the next posts!).

Moral of the story:

Always always always watch your nutrition. Workout is necessary but nutrition is way more important! Once you’re on top of your nutrition game things will fall into place. I know we all have fitness and body goals in mind but please remember that health is wealth! Healthy body is the best body. I learned it the hard way.

Before I put this long post to an end, I just want to share some important websites that might be useful for you. Please take some time to read these!

Stay healthy and see you on my next post!


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