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I’m not the type that always keeps up with current trends, be it fashion, TV shows, yada yada yada. But when it comes to self-enrichment, I’m your girl. I take inspirations from anyone and anything. Curiosity has led me to different people and situations and for me that’s a blessing. Back then in the pre-internet craze era, my sources of inspiration are my family and books. Nowadays inspiration come at my fingertips in the form of podcasts, blogs, social media and Youtube videos. The amount of inspiration I can find is endless and I love it!

In my pursuit to stay inspired, I commit to feed my brain and soul with nothing but inspirational and motivational information everyday. Without further ado, here’s my list of Inspiration of the Week.



I discovered Lavendaire around two weeks ago and has been on my top list ever since. Aileen the creator is a passionate creative who commits in empowering people to create their best lives. Listening to her podcasts motivate me to do the actual work needed to achieve my dream life (thanks to her positivity and practical tips). She also has a blog and a youtube channel by the same name.


Happier is hosted by two sisters, Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft. I love their vibrant personalities, which makes the podcast ideal to listen to in the morning. Treat it as your morning mood booster and you’re set for the day. I first discovered Happier from my favorite lifestyle blogger and it has been my favorite ever since. Gretchen and Elizabeth’s positivity is so contagious and their wit makes the podcast even more enjoyable to listen.


Britney Spears

Yes I wrote it right, la queen Britney is my inspiration this week! What’s not to admire about her? She’s a pop icon, she manages to stay on top of her career since she was a kid (minus her 2007 meltdown but she recovered well!), and a great dancer! There’s only a few entertainers who could sing and dance well and Britney is one of them. Seeing her dance and doing impressive gymnastic stunts motivate me to train harder at the gym and in dance studio!


Gypsea Lust

If you’re an avid Instagrammer then you’re probably no stranger to this account. Lauren Bullen sure travels and takes pictures like a boss! There’s always a wow factor to every picture she posts. Great photography skills do play a big part, no doubt about that. But I also like the fact that she captures the true beauty of each place she visits. This gives more meaning to all of her photos and I as a follower, become so inspired to explore the world and experience different cultures (as well as brushing up on photography skills).


Instagram can be an ultimate pleasure as well as a source of inspiration if you find the right accounts. What I love about hashtag is I can get a bunch of inspirations from other instagrammers without the commitment to follow their accounts. I particularly love #livethelittlethings because all the posts encourage me to live in the moment and cherish the little things. It’s interesting to see what things people come up with that are associated with this hashtag. It can be their dog, fresh flowers, books, et cetera.

So that’s my Inspiration of the Week guys! What are yours? Drop them in the comment below!


Photo: PicJumbo

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  • Fauziah Hafidha

    hi, this post is really inspiring 🙂
    I’m planning to listen to Happier podcast, since you recommend it because I love Gretchen Rubin’s book “The Happiness Project” and I didn’t know she host a podcast 😀 I’ll check on instagram account that you’ve mentioned too.
    You know, I kind of making the same posting this week too. Pls do check it if you have time 🙂

    Oh, about Britney! I’m big fans of her when I was on elementary school. It’s “Oops I did it again” era 😀 I used to think I look like her a lot back then. But nowadays, I look more to a figure like Kate Middleton 🙂

    • Nindy H

      Hi Fauziah, thank you so much for stopping by! Glad you liked this post 🙂 Yes you should check out Happier podcast, you’ll love it! I’ve been a fan of Britney since Baby One More Time came out (shameless confession LOL). She’s a great entertainer and I always love watching her live performances. Kate Middleton is one sweet lady and I admire her as well! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your website, I’m checking it out now 🙂