July – September in Retrospect

Hey there! So it’s been three whole months since I last updated this blog. Whoops! Three months flew by so quick but A LOT has happened during this period. I didn’t mean to be absent for such a long time but oh well, life happens. I’m still trying to keep everything balanced but sometimes it’s hard to juggle life and passion, ie. blogging.

I went to solitary mode a lot these past three months, no kidding. Basically I took absent from life and didn’t care much about doing anything except self-healing (say whaat?!). Before I jump any further I just want to say that I am fine. I am not going through depression or anxiety (I would be honest about it if I was). That being said, I am also not entirely well. I’ve been facing some internal conflicts and health issues and whenever I go through some heavy stuff, my body will alarm me to take a break. I am glad I followed my heart.

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5 Leadership Lessons I Learned from Dog Sitting

Two weeks ago I was dogsitting my friend’s 6 month-old Corgi, Bay, for a week. I had never owned a dog prior to that, let alone dog-sitting. I love dogs though. They’re smart, loyal, and they make awesome companions to us humans. I was hesitant at first but with the help of my man I could pretty much master dog-sitting in a matter of one day! Dog-sitting was no simple task but I got lucked out because my friend’s dog was an obedient fur-kid. He made it easy for a first-timer like me to take care of him. That one week experience gave me the idea of the kind of commitment one should consider when owning a dog. Owning a dog (and generally all pets) requires good leadership skills but people often dismiss this. Owning a dog teaches you a lot more things than you think. Leadership is one of them. You’ll be surprised at the things that your dog “teaches” you about being a great leader.

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Does Perfect Wedding Exist?

I used to believe in the existence of the so-called perfect wedding. My belief system changed when I had my wedding back in October 2016. The preparation itself was smooth but on the actual wedding day? It did not turn out as I hoped it would be. First, our officiant was late so we had to cut things short. Second, I fell sick that I had to miss the after party. No first dance, no family pictures, no couple photos. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 7.5. It wasn’t a disaster but, you know, it’s not perfect. The next few months were filled with anguish and disappointment. I couldn’t accept the fact that my wedding didn’t run as planned. Shoulda woulda coulda.

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Bali is Paradise: Shinto Spa Ubud

When I visited Bali last December (see my previous Bali post here), I dragged my man to try a new spa in Ubud called Shinto Spa. I first discovered about this spa from an Indonesian magazine and as a spa lover for life I knew I had to go there.

Shinto Spa does not kid when it says it’s the best Japanese-themed spa in Bali. Although it has a higher price point compared to other local spas, their price justifies the kind of service that you receive. I’m a firm believer that cheaper price doesn’t always mean better deal – sometimes price speaks quality. First of all, the place is neat and clean – this is the standard that I always go for everytime I go to a spa. Second, they have trained masseuses and beauticians. I was already aware that this spa fell on a high-end category so I knew what I got myself into (big splurge).

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2016 In Retrospect

So this is a tad late but Happy 2017 frandsss!! Brand new year, new look, and new spirit! Resolutions, goals, plans…some of us may have everything written down. Whilst I’m a fan of having everything planned ahead of time, I also like the idea of letting things take their course and be on their own flows. 2016 had its ups and downs but I’m grateful regardless. I survived 2016 and that’s all what matters! (lol)

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Where Have I Been?

Woah. It’s been way too long! I feel terrible for breaking my own promise to not neglect this blog. Though no amount of excuses can make up for my action, I have some explanations to make.

I should just start by saying that in this year, life got me into a reflective mode a lot. I’m an introverted so it seems like being in this mode is a natural fit for me. Those around me know that I love spending countless uninterrupted hours alone at my bedroom.

This year is different though.

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4 Months in Retrospect: Developing New Habits

I can’t believe we’re already in the fifth month of 2016! I wish time could slow down a bit. At the beginning of this year, I promised myself to keep track of my life progress in a journal. Ever since I moved back to Indonesia, I kinda fell off track. I lost my focus and I was so scared I would never achieve my goals. At one point I knew this kind of mindset would not help me at all. I had to wake up from all these negative noises and make a change.

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