Bali is Paradise: Shinto Spa Ubud

When I visited Bali last December (see my previous Bali post here), I dragged my man to try a new spa in Ubud called Shinto Spa. I first discovered about this spa from an Indonesian magazine and as a spa lover for life I knew I had to go there.

Shinto Spa does not kid when it says it’s the best Japanese-themed spa in Bali. Although it has a higher price point compared to other local spas, their price justifies the kind of service that you receive. I’m a firm believer that cheaper price doesn’t always mean better deal – sometimes price speaks quality. First of all, the place is neat and clean – this is the standard that I always go for everytime I go to a spa. Second, they have trained masseuses and beauticians. I was already aware that this spa fell on a high-end category so I knew what I got myself into (big splurge).

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Bali is Paradise: Wapa di Ume Resort & Spa

When one thinks about Bali what most definitely first comes to mind is its gorgeous beaches. No wonder major Balinese cities like Seminyak, Kuta, and Nusa Dua never run out of tourists who wish to enjoy the wonderful scenery of Bali beaches. It’s almost a crime to not visit the beaches while you’re in Bali. Most of my past trips to Bali typically involved water sports activities – I never stayed too far from beach area. But last December, my man and I decided to spend four days in Ubud, a town located in the mountains – an hour drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Ubud isn’t as crowded as other places and it has a cooler weather, which is a huge plus for me as I couldn’t stand being in too much heat.

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Bali Vacay 3: Travel and Packing Tips

Hi guys!

This post is long overdue. I got distracted and it resulted in three off-topic posts. But wait no further because I’m back with the last Bali Vacay post (finally)! Check out my previous Bali Vacay posts if you haven’t done so (links provided at the end of this post).

I’ve done general travel tips on my first Bali Vacay post and I figured it’s best to have a post dedicated solely to tips.  Traveling is fun but there’s a lot to prepare before you reach your dream destination. As for Bali, while it’s a wonderful place, it’s insanely hot. I don’t do well in hot weather and it shows on my skin and hair. While I tried to keep everything simple – from outfits to makeup – it took a bit of an extra effort to look decent there.

You don’t believe me? Just imagine this: oily hair and face, excessive sweat with chances of body odours, sticky skin, tan lines, sunburns, and the list goes on. Now you tell me if that’s not annoying. Honestly, who doesn’t wanna look good whilst on vacation?

This is why I’m doing this post.  Even if you’re not planning on going somewhere tropical, I’m sure you’ll find these tips helpful.

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Bali Vacay Part 2: Restaurants and Tourist Attractions Review

Helloooo friends! Good to have you here!

As I promised on my last post, I’ll be talking about my Bali Vacay again! YAY! If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, please do so by clicking this link. I promise you won’t regret it 😉

In this post I’ll be reviewing some amazing places that I went to in Bali. Yesss, Bali has tons of gorgeous beaches but this island is not just famous for that (surprise!). I was lucky I had friends in Bali who recommended me some cool places that I otherwise wouldn’t have found.

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Bali Vacay Part 1: Resorts Review & Travel Tips!

Good day all of you amazing people! I hope you’re having an amazing and relaxing time right now because I’m about to share my vacay story in Bali! Though it was a quick vacation (6 days), I had the greatest time ever.  I hadn’t been on vacation in ages so I made sure I made the most of my time there! I had so much fun that I decided to write my vacay on three different entries, or else it would be a long post! So make sure you come back to read part two and three! 🙂
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