Bali Vacay 3: Travel and Packing Tips

Hi guys!

This post is long overdue. I got distracted and it resulted in three off-topic posts. But wait no further because I’m back with the last Bali Vacay post (finally)! Check out my previous Bali Vacay posts if you haven’t done so (links provided at the end of this post).

I’ve done general travel tips on my first Bali Vacay post and I figured it’s best to have a post dedicated solely to tips.  Traveling is fun but there’s a lot to prepare before you reach your dream destination. As for Bali, while it’s a wonderful place, it’s insanely hot. I don’t do well in hot weather and it shows on my skin and hair. While I tried to keep everything simple – from outfits to makeup – it took a bit of an extra effort to look decent there.

You don’t believe me? Just imagine this: oily hair and face, excessive sweat with chances of body odours, sticky skin, tan lines, sunburns, and the list goes on. Now you tell me if that’s not annoying. Honestly, who doesn’t wanna look good whilst on vacation?

This is why I’m doing this post.  Even if you’re not planning on going somewhere tropical, I’m sure you’ll find these tips helpful.

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