Bali is Paradise: Shinto Spa Ubud

When I visited Bali last December (see my previous Bali post here), I dragged my man to try a new spa in Ubud called Shinto Spa. I first discovered about this spa from an Indonesian magazine and as a spa lover for life I knew I had to go there.

Shinto Spa does not kid when it says it’s the best Japanese-themed spa in Bali. Although it has a higher price point compared to other local spas, their price justifies the kind of service that you receive. I’m a firm believer that cheaper price doesn’t always mean better deal – sometimes price speaks quality. First of all, the place is neat and clean – this is the standard that I always go for everytime I go to a spa. Second, they have trained masseuses and beauticians. I was already aware that this spa fell on a high-end category so I knew what I got myself into (big splurge).

Sadly I couldn’t remember all the spa choices, nor did I take any pictures of their menu. I recalled selecting a one-hour body massage. For all kinds of massages they had two different ointments for us to pick; body balm and aromatherapy oil, I picked the latter. There’s a price difference between the two, with body balm being more expensive. I guess its price is higher because it’s an imported product whereas the oil products are of a local brand. I’m sure they both serve the same purpose, it just depends on your preference.

I guess my man and I came to the spa at the perfect time, they were not busy that day hence we could go right into our session upon walking in. Before the massage, they gave us welcoming drinks whilst we had our feet soaked in a bowl of floral water (fancyyy lol). Soon after the masseuses led us to our room. The room was spacious even for the two of us. I love how they keep everything authentic; from room interior to guests’ attire such as robes and sandals. Everything pretty much resembles that of the classic and traditional Japanese house (think about wooden sliding door and tatami floor mats). The room was complete with its own closet and locker to put our belongings in. There was also a door which led to the balcony and shower. Yup, it was an open shower (so you can clean yourself while enjoying the view of Ubud jungle?! lol).

The massage itself was one of the best massages I’ve experienced. The one that I picked was similar to Swedish massage, only I can’t remember what it’s called (it could have been the Stress Relief massage or Traditional Balinese massage). It was so good that I fell asleep halfway through the massage! I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed at a spa. It must have been the combo of the massage, room’s ambiance, light instrumental music, and the aromatherapy oil. I felt so refreshed more than ever after only one hour session. Next time I visit this spa, I will try their spa package that includes lunch, body wrap, and onsen bath!

The last part of the spa was shower and complimentary drink and snack. They gave us hot green tea and a small plate of mochis. I managed to look around the spa before I took off and I must say they’ve done a great job designing such a serene place. Plus it’s located in Ubud, the cooler part of Bali – making it the perfect getaway if you’re tired of the busy city life.

Without a doubt, I recommend you to give Shinto Spa a go when you get a chance to. Both my man and I had a pleasant experience and it was a worthy splurge. As of now Shinto Spa doesn’t have an official website running but you can check out this link if you wish to get further information.

Has any of you been to Shinto Spa before? Please share your experience with me in the comment below! ‘Till the next post loves! xo

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