2016 In Retrospect

So this is a tad late but Happy 2017 frandsss!! Brand new year, new look, and new spirit! Resolutions, goals, plans…some of us may have everything written down. Whilst I’m a fan of having everything planned ahead of time, I also like the idea of letting things take their course and be on their own flows. 2016 had its ups and downs but I’m grateful regardless. I survived 2016 and that’s all what matters! (lol)

What’s new?

Towards the end of 2016, I started working on several projects that I plan to launch this year. One of them was this blog! I’m so happy this blog finally got a total makeover!! As some of you may have noticed, I previously had my blog under the name Dance Travel Food. I loved it but it didn’t go as I had hoped. DTF was definitely a great way for me to get familiar with the blogging world and it did give me a lot of valuable lessons. However, I had a slightly different vision for my blog and switching to a new brand was the option. So after a few weeks of brainstorming, All Things Lidz was born! Curious? You can read more about it here.

Blogging aside, there are things from 2016 that I carry forward to this year and maybe the next years.

On Setting Goals

To my man and others around me, I am known as the meticulous planner. I always have things carefully planned out. Most of the time my system works but last year this habit took the best out of me. I was so fixated on accomplishing all goals on specific amount of time, I forgot that there were things that were out of my control. When it comes to getting things done, I could go above and beyond and at one point this particular habit of mine took its toll and I became so so exhausted.

Lesson #1: Keep everything balanced. Do not sacrifice your mental and physical health for the sake of accomplishing goals. I know I should be more in sync with the timing of the universe instead of constantly forcing my own agenda.

On New Habits

Beginning last year, I started implementing a morning routine (I posted about it in details here). It’s such a game changer and I successfully sticked to this throughout the year! I used to rush through mornings (especially during college years) and sometimes I would skip breakfast because “I didn’t have time” (aka slept through multiple snooze buttons). If I had been more organized, I would have appreciated getting up in the morning more.

Lesson #2: Always set up a morning ritual where you can prepare yourself for the day. Morning rituals have changed me and my life for the better. It allows me to be in control of my day. What you do in the morning sets the tone for the entire day.

On Health

My health wasn’t particularly great in 2016. After I passed out in August, my health got deteriorated. I was never that sick before and later on I found out that I had iron deficiency anemia. I was too focused on getting my dream body; I would work out excessively for hours at a time, several times a week, but I was bad at watching my food intake. Little did I know that this led to anemia. I will talk about this more on future post.

Lesson #3: Always always always watch your food intake. Everyone should have a healthy relationship with foods. It’s good to have goals but don’t let those goals control your mind. More importantly, do not exhaust and starve yourself! It’s not worth it.

On Relationship (Husband, Friends, Family)

2016 was a big year for my man and I. We finally tied the knot after 11 years of dating! I’m grateful I married the man I’m proud to call my soulmate and my best friend. Throughout the years we’ve learned about each other and we got better at maintaining our communication. This part is important because sometimes when couples fight, it’s not because of their differences but it’s a result of poor communication. This goes to any relationship as well. I always strive to keep good communication with everyone around me, especially close friends and family.

Lesson #4: I always believe that what you put out in the universe will go back to you. If you make the efforts to maintain good relationship with others, people will do the same to you. Make time for those who matter to you!

So tell me, peeps, how did your 2016 go? Share with me in the comment below! 🙂


Image Credit: Alice Donovan Rouse (Unsplash)

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